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  • Can Carbonless Paper be Recycled?

    We understand the purpose of NCR paper helps workplaces and offices make multiple copies of the same document without the need for carbon coating. However, due to its differential chemical properties, many wonder whether it can be recycled the same way as normal paper-based products. The answer is that for most local recycling centres it …

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  • Graphic Terms Explained

    Here at NCR4Less we want to provide the best service possible, this means we have experts in all fields in our offices, and on the phones. So, if you ever call us or pop in, you may hear a lot of very complex sounding terms. These are industry terms that often get bandied about when …

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  • NCR Paper and Its Uses

    NCR paper is typically used in duplicate pads, where the user requires immediate copies of what is being written/signed, for example; an invoice or receipt pad where the company keeps one copy and the customer receives the other. It is also widely used for agreement forms in which the customer would sign Terms & Conditions, …

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  • Advantage of Going Carbonless

    Many companies are using carbonless paper. Their reason? Non-carbon paper (NCR) is not only neater but also easier and quicker to use compared to carbon sheets. Saving your business time and money whilst still producing a high-quality of work. If you work within a busy environment, like a restaurant, time efficiency is key. Using non-carbon …

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  • Where You Can Expect to Find Distinct Types Of NCR Pads

    There are several types of pads that are specific to many different job roles, as a result, it can be difficult to know which pads can are suited for which role. Here, NCR4Less have explained how an NCR pad can be beneficial in specific roles within a job. Meeting minutes: One large responsibility of secretarial …

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  • The Importance of Keeping Copies!

    Keeping track of documentation is a standard, and vital, business practice. Keeping records can save you a lot of hassle in the long run as it allows you to keep track of all dealings and receipts so that you can ensure the safety and efficient running of your company. If you’re in the trading industry, …

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  • What Makes a Good Waiter’s Pad

    One industry we supply a lot of duplicate and triplicate pads to is the restaurant and catering industry. These fast-paced environments require something very unique from their NCR Pads. Below we take a look at that makes a good waiter’s pad. Binding The binding, or glue, on a waiter’s pad is all about balance. The …

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  • Placing an order with NCR 4 Less

    NCR 4 Less have the infrastructure and the equipment to be able to produce any sort of NCR pad, NCR book or even bespoke items such as NCR labels. Ordering is straight forward and can be done online with many customisation options available and secure payment, or for bespoke queries call our team on 0113 …

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  • Customising your NCR Pads

    At NCR 4 Less we like to think of ourselves as a ‘one stop shop’ for all your NCR pad needs. NCR pads have a variety of names including 2 part, 3 part, duplicate, triplicate and carbonless to name a few. We offer a complete range of NCR pads with a variety of options as …

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  • Triplicate Pads and Books Explained

    NCR 4 Less has 40 years’ experience in producing high-quality, low-cost NCR (No Carbon Required, or ‘Carbonless’) products, and class ourselves as industry experts in the production of triplicatepads and books. Triplicate pads and books by NCR 4 Less are ordered confidently by individuals, large organisations, and even other printers. Uses Many government departments now …

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  • NCR Pads – All You Need to Know

    NCR stands for No Carbon Required, which is also referred to by people as ‘carbonless’. This special paper negates the need for the messy blue carbon paper traditionally used for invoices, delivery notes and order pads, and coined the term ‘carbon copy’. NCR pads are particularly popular amongst businesses who need to provide duplicate or …

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  • Duty of Care/Waste Transfer Notes

    Any business that produces, handles or disposes of controlled waste has a statutory obligation to ensure it is managed correctly under Duty of Care legislation. Waste Transfer Notes Every transfer of waste between two parties must be covered by the appropriate documentation. For non-hazardous waste, this is generally a Waste Transfer Note (WTN) and for …

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  • A Video Guide on How to Order Online

    Watch our quick video below on how easy it is to order online from We show you how to 1] find the products your looking for 2] choose options to build up your job specification 3] view an instant price and convert, to an order and securely checkout Still need assistance? Call our team …

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