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  • Triplicate Pads and Books Explained

    NCR 4 Less has 40 years’ experience in producing high-quality, low-cost NCR (No Carbon Required, or ‘Carbonless’) products, and class ourselves as industry experts in the production of triplicatepads and books. Triplicate pads and books by NCR 4 Less are ordered confidently by individuals, large organisations, and even other printers. Uses Many government departments now …

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  • NCR Pads – All You Need to Know

    NCR stands for No Carbon Required, which is also referred to by people as ‘carbonless’. This special paper negates the need for the messy blue carbon paper traditionally used for invoices, delivery notes and order pads, and coined the term ‘carbon copy’. NCR pads are particularly popular amongst businesses who need to provide duplicate or …

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  • Duty of Care/Waste Transfer Notes

    Any business that produces, handles or disposes of controlled waste has a statutory obligation to ensure it is managed correctly under Duty of Care legislation. Waste Transfer Notes Every transfer of waste between two parties must be covered by the appropriate documentation. For non-hazardous waste, this is generally a Waste Transfer Note (WTN) and for …

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  • A Video Guide on How to Order Online

    Watch our quick video below on how easy it is to order online from We show you how to 1] find the products your looking for 2] choose options to build up your job specification 3] view an instant price and convert, to an order and securely checkout Still need assistance? Call our team …

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