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Artwork Templates

We’ve put together some templates for guidance on how best to create artwork for your NCR job.
Simply choose a template below and download the required format …

Each download offers PDF, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign files.
Click or right click > Download linked file to access.
The dotted line marks the safe area for printing. Be sure to remove any guidelines before exporting for printing.


A3 Portrait Left Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A3 Portrait Top Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A3 Landscape Left Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A3 Landscape Top Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A4 Portrait Left Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A4 Portrait Top Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A4 Landscape Left Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A4 Landscape Top Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A5 Portrait Left Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A5 Portrait Top Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A5 Landscape Left Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A5 Landscape Top Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A6 Portrait Left Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A6 Portrait Top Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A6 Landscape Left Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A6 Landscape Top Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
1/3 A4 (DL) Portrait Left Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
1/3 A4 (DL)Portrait Top Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
1/3 A4 (DL) Landscape Left Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
1/3 A4 (DL) Landscape Top Bind [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]


A3 Portrait [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A3 Landscape [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A4 Portrait [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A4 Landscape [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A5 Portrait [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A5 Landscape [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A6 Portrait [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
A6 Landscape [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
1/3 A4 (DL) Portrait [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]
1/3 A4 (DL) Landscape [PDF] [AI] [InDesign]

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